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~Review: From the Ashes by Shyla Colt

From The Ashes (After The Burn Series) - Shyla Colt

All of mankind’s medical knowledge didn’t stand a chance against this mysterious flu that lead to the demise of millions of people. This lead to mankind being catapulted to an apocalyptic world where women are treated as currency with little to no rights. Devon is one of those women, only she has managed to keep her gender a secret. She lives on pretending to be a guy, she has chopped off her hair, lowered her voice and wrapped her breasts up. It’s the only way she can survive. Despite her careful routine one guy still discovers her secret and he has no intention of sharing her with the others. Unfortunately for him though he has to bring her to Cole and Cain, the “rulers” of the town. These two men will decide what will happen to her and they don’t tolerate any kind of deceit! But no worries they have the perfect punishment ready for her….one she will most likely enjoy.


“Now, what are we going to do with you Ms. Devon Brown?”
“I can disappear. Starting over doesn’t bother me.”
Cain chuckled. “You’re mistaken. I think what he meant to say was, what should we do first?”


Sensual, smutty and again very different from the other worlds this author has created. What I like about Ms. Colt’s books are the spice and fierceness she manages to put into a small package. Liked the setting, liked the smut and liked the characters. Especially Devon, she’s a fierce, strong survivor, who’d even risk death before being tossed around as a play thing. And the men, Cole and Cain have such dirty mouths on them. I love it.


The way they kept spinning Devon around though, poor girl. She must be so dizzy.



Ultimate brother assault. I get they want to live a normal life, as much as that is possible in that world, with the right woman. But it’s all happening so fast, Devon becomes putty in their hands so fast. Not that I blame her, I completely understand and rather them than Micah >.< But it seems odd that she doesn’t put up a real fight or something, when she was so adamant to fight for her freedom at first.


Then again it is a short story and everything has to happen quickly. So one star for the world building, one star for the characters and one star for the smut. Which gives a total of…3 stars.


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